open source social lab

For shits and giggles, I wanted to see what would happen if I created a completely random identity online, built them a little network and made it open source – sharing the passwords and email address and letting anyone out there do what the f*!k they want with it.

Yes I am expecting spam. I am sure it could get quite bad if anyone happens to care. But just maybe something unexpected will happen. And I love surprises.

If you accept this mission:

  • You are Sarah Smith
  • Your gmail is:
  • Your password is: opensourcesocial (yes you could screw me and change it, but why spoil the fun? We’re all in this together)
  • You’re on Facebook, Twitter (@smith_hi), and Google +
  • You may notice that you look like Kate Upton for now. Coz we know that sh*t works. But change it all if you like…the power’s in your hands